Slides from Recent PAM Talk

This talk was originally given at RSA, but I was able to do an expanded version recently at IT Hot Topics. A few have asked for the slides, so here they are. I actually hope to write out the talk in full at some point as a blog post, but I have two more talks to write so probably not soon.

2 thoughts on “Slides from Recent PAM Talk”

  1. Good presentation. Quick Question- Are those Quarter Horses? I know some of the breeds(my sister has Arabians and my brother has a Mule, a donkey to keep the Coyotes away and a rescue. Quite clever of you to incorporate into your presentation.

    1. Hey Tom!

      Very sorry that I missed this question! No, they are not Quarter Horses. The white one with orange markings is Tucker. He is a Pinto, but you can definitely see some Arabian in him at play. The Sorrel horse is my mare Freckles and she is a Paint.

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