Slides from Recent PAM Talk

This talk was originally given at RSA, but I was able to do an expanded version recently at IT Hot Topics. A few have asked for the slides, so here they are. I actually hope to write out the talk in full at some point as a blog post, but I have two more talks to write so probably not soon.

Welcome to Identity Bytes!

This is the next generation of my attempt at blogging more often (like, more than once a year) about digital identity and events in information security. This has been a pretty eventful year in this space so there is a lot to talk about! My first real post (coming soon, I promise) will be about my experience with next generation authentication technologies.

I even have a 2nd post in the hopper surrounding my experience at the, in my humble opinion, best digital identity conference of the year, the Cloud Identity Summit. That was my first segue into speaking at a national (global?) conference and to say the experience was memorable would be an understatement.

Thanks for reading!